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The accounting industry has seen many innovative changes in recent years with the introduction of the computer and it’s accompanying software. Now there are more changes in the offing…

As with many industries there is a gradual transformation in the way that internal work processes are performed. With improving technology becoming available, faster and better procedures are being implemented all the time. In the accounting industry it is no different, the evolution process is the same. Only in recent times have accountants started to use software packages to fill out tax returns for their business clients. After a very short period most if not all accountants in the country ended up using the new software packages to help them with the tax returns form filling.

These days the question is not ‘If an accountant is using software to prepare tax forms’ but the more important question is which type of program is being used to perform the task. In only a few years the general accountancy office has seen a complete reversal from the manual methods that used to be the norm, to the high tech ways of today’s’ busy offices.

They thought that the preparations needed to present such balance and financial statements were irreplaceable by any other methods. But this way of thinking quickly changed, in a very short time period the reluctance to the use of modern methods quickly subsided.

New Innovations Coming…

Now, what is the next innovation that is to change the perspective of the accountants office again I hear you asking? (and many other industries too).

Well these days the possibility of the paperless accountancy office is receiving the same reluctance in the use off as that of the computer and software packages of recent times. There has been a lot of speculation as to how the business world would react to the paperless office work practices.

Although, the speed of implementation of the paperless office is not as fast as that predicted. It is a fact that the paperless business office is creeping up on us. As with the computer software scenario, the technology that is required to change the existing office environment to a paperless state is becoming more and more accessible to all of us.

Many accountancy firms are unaware of the technology that is available to them and how cheap it really is to implement. They are thus not aware of the important changes that are coming to the industry. Many accountants offices will again find it difficult to implement the changes required which could mean terrible consequences to some.

It was basically a simple process when the time came for accountants to go over to using the new software packages for accounts and tax returns. But with the adoption of the paperless office it is somewhat of a larger leap forward that many are reluctant to take. There are definite benefits for those accountants that are on the leading edge of this new innovative technology and definitely money to be made, those smaller accountancy offices need to think this strategy through carefully before it affects their business in a negative way.

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